3604free.com Gift card SHIPPED! BUT BESTBUY :(:(

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12-12-2005 19:14:07

SHIPPED BUT MY PROBLEM IS bestbuy hmm why they send 100 after 4 days another 200 then 100 ? why they dont send 100x5 cards ? at same day?


13-12-2005 09:40:47



13-12-2005 10:29:21

why i dont understand. they keep sending you 100 dollar gift cards each 4 days?


13-12-2005 15:08:21

That what peoples is telling me ... that they send 100 each 4 days but i dunno why that was m question P


13-12-2005 15:57:55

It's probably a dealy in USPS.

Here's how it works for those who don't know. ;)
[quotee729cdeecb="Trainn-Alan"]That only happens with Best Buy Gift Card over $350. They handle the fulfillment on those and they automatically use UPS shipping for anything $200 or more. Because a $500 card does not exist, you receive 1 $100 & 2 $200's, the $100 is sent via USPS and the other via UPS.