i'm shipped!

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11-12-2005 20:04:09

i just checked my status on video ipods and it says shipped! thanks trainn! now i can hand over my ipod nano to my brother without remorse D


11-12-2005 20:17:16

did you get a tracking number? i didnt and i live about 25 minutes away from you haha


11-12-2005 20:18:03

congrats, man yeah im hopping to be approved soon, i submitted on the 8th, after everything going on in my life right now, this would make up for all the bad things -) i hope you enjoy it


11-12-2005 20:23:47

well not tarcking number but at least it seems closer to coming


11-12-2005 21:28:49

You probably won't get it until one about week later. For me, it was marked shipped on the 2nd( that means they sent the order in to amazon) , amazon takes about a week sto ship it. But congrats..

Now gimme Karma


11-12-2005 21:37:04

hah... +karma for poppign my balloon!


11-12-2005 21:40:44

i want my first karma too.... D pleeez

so are we sure they are coming from amazon? remember how alan said they were coming from china... i dunno, what do you think?


11-12-2005 21:57:04

I hope i get mine soon too! i went shipped on the 9th, so hopefully ill get it by tomorrow!


11-12-2005 21:58:10

damn you ryan, did you give me negative karma>?


11-12-2005 22:07:07

just to tell you that karma means absoutely nothing here!


11-12-2005 22:15:24

Yeah, my karma blows P


11-12-2005 22:24:06

lol yeah i just realized how BS karma is. i just joined like 20 minutes ago and im already negative 2. wait...do you want positive or negative karma? blah whatever.


12-12-2005 00:27:14

[quote0cd5e3d198="R34"]lol yeah i just realized how BS karma is. i just joined like 20 minutes ago and im already negative 2. wait...do you want positive or negative karma? blah whatever.[/quote0cd5e3d198]make that -4.

If you email Trains, they usually reply back with the tracking number in about a day.


12-12-2005 20:08:45


At this time there is no tracking number associated with your order. If/When
once becomes available, it will be added to your order status page.

Account Services
Transcendent Innovations, Inc

i guess it's not actually "shipped" yet?


13-12-2005 02:00:51

mine went shipped on the 9th. still no tracking number or ipod. a lot of people have said though that at times it will still say processing and they will get their ipod, or it will say shipping soon and they will get their ipod. so i dunno if i would trust it tooo much. i just hope i get my ipod soon!


13-12-2005 11:32:15

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17-12-2005 02:08:32

oh yeah received my ipod. wait what...oh ok thanks, i guess i have to remove that from my sig. thanks. just put that up becuase someone else had it.