Does the EarthLink offer redirect anyone else to Freeipods?

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11-12-2005 14:47:51

Well, I was browsing through the offers and I came across the EarthLink offer. It offers 170 Points and it says no credit card required. I thought, wow I must be dreaming, but everytime I click on it, it leads me to Is anyone else having this problem?


11-12-2005 15:28:11

I just checked the link from all sites (though the information originates from one source) and all took me to correct Earthlink page.



11-12-2005 17:27:34

No, it doesn't. OP has it dead on.


11-12-2005 17:35:01

Okay, this is strange.

Are any Canadians having this problem too?

And how can I fix this problem?


11-12-2005 17:43:02

That is odd and something that we'll have to try and track down a cause.

I just tried it on the other machines on the network as a well as my notebook and it is showing correctly.



11-12-2005 17:48:05

I'm running firefox, but I'll pop open internet explorer. It might just be a regional discrepency through metareward; not on the end users side.


11-12-2005 17:50:36

Yes, its firefox causing the problem - using IE remedied the situation.


11-12-2005 17:55:50

I tried using IE and Opera. No luck


11-12-2005 18:37:20

I just did this offer on Trainn a few days ago, and it worked fine.