Point-based System

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10-12-2005 14:55:41

How hard is it as far as getting the points go? I can't really refer other people so I suppose this will be my best approach. Any tips on this one?



10-12-2005 15:09:57

For money making sites like fusioncash.net(mail me for my url) and instantprofitz.com(also mail me for my url) its quite easy.

I am currently awaiting my cashout of $26 from Fusioncash which took me about 20minutes....and waiting to get credited for some offers on Instantprofitz so I will cash out a bit over $100.....the offers took me less than 1hour on IPz, but it takes a bit for them to credit.....should be less than another day and I'm cashing out over $100!

So, all in all, if you do the get money sites like the two mentioned, its easy.
I don't have any tips/advice for the sites that offer items as I havent completed or even started any of those...don't really plan on it either.


10-12-2005 15:19:26

As long as you can do the offers, it shouldn't be that hard.


10-12-2005 16:16:04

on trainn, 2 offers of 17 dollars can get you 100 dollars )


11-12-2005 22:08:52

Personally, i didnt want to do the point system becuase it wasted offers that i could do for my self for other Trainn sites. thats becuase i do the ref system though. if you are planning on doing mutliple triann sites, i would watch out for eventually running out of good offers to do.


12-12-2005 14:04:32

I've decided to give the point system a try. Does anyone know if it works ok?