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07-12-2005 16:32:10

for those of you who did get a giftcard from trainn for 3604free how long did it take you to receive it in the mail?? I am wondering if I should just get a giftcard in the mail and take my chances at a store, as trainn has been fairly quiet on the issue of when they'd get more 360s (which is understandable since they really are at the mercy of MS and their supplier)....so I am wondering if it would just be better for me to find one at wal-mart or best buy and send in for the gift card....I really want to get one before Christmas and that's why I'm asking because I'll have a long Christmas break and once it's over I really will be busy with school and work since I'm trying to graduate in the summer..........please let me know your experiences.


07-12-2005 17:13:03

Well ok first they make you wait 10 days till your "shipping date" then, with best buy and the $500 gfit card, it took like 4 days for the first $100 gift card to get to me. Then it took like another 4 days for the two $200 gift cards. So I guess you are looking at up to 20 days or more. Good luck on the whole christmas thing.


07-12-2005 17:44:56

Order paypal. you'll have it saturday morning.


07-12-2005 22:11:55

[quote546b698c0f="shamash"]Order paypal. you'll have it saturday morning.[/quote546b698c0f]

I may do that, but I'd really just rather them be able to ship one to me if possible b/c I'd love to prove to my friends the actual 360 came to me in the mail and not me buying it and paying it off with money from trainn.....but regardless I need to figure something out soon........


11-12-2005 22:38:20

when you order a paypal payment, do they still go through processing and stuff? or do you just enter in your info after your approved, and you get the money fairly quickly.


11-12-2005 22:42:53

You need to get approved, but then you get paid on wednesday/saturday morning (whichever is closer)