How many times of point completion?

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05-12-2005 20:10:59

I finished Flashipods4free as referral, then was turned into a point account and told I could do it again. I just did it point based for 100 paypal, can I do that again and get 200 paypal finishing point 2ce?


05-12-2005 21:37:15

As long as there are offers for you to try out, you may order as many items using the point method as you wish.



05-12-2005 21:38:41

Neat, i'm lookin through em. not sure if i'll find 500 more points worth of offers though lol


05-12-2005 22:50:39

wow, thats pretty cool of trainn.


05-12-2005 22:52:00

yeah, they rock totally hard.

so far my payments are 250, 300, 415. hopefully getting another 100 wednesday morning.