Anyone that has received their 360 from trainn......

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02-12-2005 15:51:13

anyone who has received a 360 from trainn care to share your experiences? have any of you had problems with the overheating or the other problems the system has been having?? I'm anxious to get mine and hope that the supposed shipments that Microsoft is sending out weekly to retail will allow trainn to get some more and I can be in the next shipment....until then I'd like to know around how long it took people to get theirs from trainn and how they feel about the console so far....thanks!!


03-12-2005 20:38:52

no one care to reply? I guess everyone that got their 360 from trainn must be playing with it...hopefully someone can take a break and let me know how long it took to get it once processing and if they are having problems with the system overheating or anything else....