Level B Offers on Referral Based Account

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02-12-2005 13:21:40


I wanted to know if anyone here has ever completed 50+ points of Level B offers to get their personal green for their referral based account. I can't do any of the Level A's but I can do 2 Level B's that will total to more than 50 points and I want to keep my referral based account status. This is what the FAQ says on the site

"To receive 1 offer credit, you must complete 1 Level A offer OR 50 (125 for FlashiPods4free.com) points or more worth of Level B offers."

To me that says I can legitimately do what I would like to do, but I just wanted to get confirmation from you guys here before I go and waste 2 offers if I was wrong.

Please let me know if you know for sure,



02-12-2005 13:38:09

your assumptions are correct, 2 level B offers thaty equal 50 points counts as an offer completed


02-12-2005 14:41:25



02-12-2005 15:13:02

Yep, you can. I actually did a couple of Instant level B offers. They are a lot easier than the Instant Level A offers. )