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01-12-2005 17:16:37

Has anyone done this offer? I did it on the 24th at because it said it would credit the next day. It still hasn't credited though. Has anyone else had problems with this offer? Or is running slow?


01-12-2005 18:44:06

ive got two of the patches on as we speak.
they smell fruity. work too.


01-12-2005 20:22:59

I did that offer and I had to request manual credit for it on freepays nano site. I think it took about 20 days.


01-12-2005 20:29:38

i did it on 3604free. credited the next day.


01-12-2005 23:23:45

i did it on the 20th. requested manual credit on the 28th. still no response from trainn. surprise of the century extreme sarcasm


01-12-2005 23:59:32

lol.. it actually works? i gotta get back in shape for upcomign sports season... how much it cost and how long does each batch of it last?


02-12-2005 00:34:48

wow i take back what i said about trainn. a few hours after my post and they manually credited me. much more pleasing experience than before =)


02-12-2005 14:12:58

you have to use it for 6-8 weeks or more to see results according to the add.


02-12-2005 21:29:24

well... in that case i just gotta stop munching on snacks while i do free stuff!