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01-12-2005 09:23:49

when I go home (currently at a univ) for Christmas I was thinking of asking some of my family members to sign up for yourfreevideoipods. Some of them dont have internet access at their houses. If a few of them signed up at my folks house using the same computer is it going to cause problems. I have no intention of "walking them through," I merely would be providing them a means to connect to the internet.

just thought i would asks the more experienced folk before i asked my family....

thanks for your help


01-12-2005 09:30:51

Yes. "If a FEW of them signed up..."

That means they are creating more than ONE account per house. Regardless if it's a "different" computer. A different computer doesn't matter. What matters is your IP address.

You will be placed on hold.


01-12-2005 09:38:02

i didnt mean all from the same household..... for example my aunt lives in lufkin, grandmother in houston, brother in friendswood.... all different cities

didnt mean for it to sound like i would have just my immediate family that lives in one house sign up


01-12-2005 09:41:48

You can only do that if you are in different houses with different IP addresses.


01-12-2005 09:44:30

thanks for your help!!!!! very much appreciated
didnt want to break any tos... just didnt see the info about ips in the tos


01-12-2005 09:45:18

you can't have them sign up from the same place, they will think you are creating multiple accounts and they will all be put on hold.


01-12-2005 09:45:43

No problem. Better safe than sorry.