TRAIN i need your help :D

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30-11-2005 19:42:46

hi alan and train company thanks for your fast support.

I submitted oon Nov 17 and we are december 1 and I did get nothing.I would like to know if my ipod video 30 Gig will arrive account is on its I wish to get an answer from you thanks P Its still in Processing status and you wrote me a message that it will arrive in 3 days but that email was since 1 week so i dunno.Could you plz help me thanks .

Ilove this company is very fast ) )


30-11-2005 19:51:05

Welcome to FIPG. Couple things.

1) I don't know where you are, but it's November 30 pretty much everywhere. Let's not say "we are December 1 and I did get nothing" until it's December 1.

2) Here, I quote Alan

[quotec9e220162d]Please do not use the board (via public post or pm) for important account specific inquiries as we may not be able to view each thread or PM and your request may go unanswered. Please use the methods we have made available on the sites and someone will assist you as soon as possible.[/quotec9e220162d]

3) Before you get started trading, please take a few minutes to explore the various FAQ and rules threads. If you have questions, PM me or any of the mods.