No credit request?

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30-11-2005 05:05:26

I sent in a request for a no credit. But in a box it says if you don't send the confirmation email then it won't even be considered...I never recieved a confirmation email from this offer company (MyDailyDose). I did take a screenshot of my receipt .... So what do they say...send that in or will they look into it with the company and give me credit?


30-11-2005 05:41:05

I received the confirmation email for MyDailyDose about 4 days after I completed the offer, and it was in the Bulk folder of my Yahoo account. I hope yours didn't get lost... cry


30-11-2005 05:55:16

I used a college email account...we have like "spam control" I hope it wasn't considered spam and blocked it...


30-11-2005 06:47:48

it does get blocked....happened to me.


30-11-2005 10:18:23

i did an offer for mydailydose in march for and i never received a confirmation email from them even when i checked it my junk mail. Long story short it's almost december and it's still yellow.


30-11-2005 22:01:38

I sent mydailydose an email asking for my confirmation email...seeing i never got one....very quick nice response with my confirmation email ) I immediatly sent it to 3604free


01-12-2005 09:25:00

what email address do you forward it to?


01-12-2005 13:08:52

I just opened a support ticket and said I just got my confirmation email here it is...