question about order status and other such things

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29-11-2005 22:08:02

ok, so I'm still waiting for Microsoft to ship more Xbox 360s to Trainn's supplier, but in the meantime I was wondering what sort of time frame I could expect once they get them in. I know that if I am going to be shipped in a batch I'll go to processing....after that what will my status be and overall how long will it take for me to get the Xbox 360 (approximately how long) once my order status is processing?? I am basically asking this to those who have already received their 360s from trainn or someone who works there as it may be different, and I imagine the time frames are different for all the other items trainn ships b/c of things like item availability. So if someone could give me an idea of what to expect I'd appreciate it, thanks!!


30-11-2005 04:06:49

I don't think you will receive a tracking # when your xbox 360 is shipped. It will be sent out in a batch, therefore the tracking # is unavailable.

When it goes to processing and order status changes to "shipped", expect your xbox 360 in a couple of days.

It won't take a specific amount of days, it all depends as soon as they receive their shipment. They are going to work ASAP on the xbox 360 shipments so once they have yours they will ship it right away.

It will probably a faster process than any other trainn site.... you just have to wait till they receive yours. lol

I heard that Microsoft is going to send out more and more every week as it gets closer to Christmas, so hopefully they can finish the 2nd and 3rd shipments by Christmas...
Or at least start the 3rd )


30-11-2005 19:55:13

well hopefully I'll get a tracking number, but if not that's cool, as long as the item gets here, but I was hoping maybe someone who has received their 360 from trainn could let us know what to expect...but I think they are all too busy playing their new systems to check the forums!! )