COMPLETED My 5 Refferals For The 30Gig Ipod

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29-11-2005 20:50:29

Now how long does it take to get approved???

I'm quite excited right now )


29-11-2005 20:54:14

10 days or so


29-11-2005 21:23:21

It took me 14 days to be approved for my black 30 gig video ipod on flashipods4free (one of those days was Thanksgiving), but the average wait is 12 days. Once approved my account was 'processing' for 3 days (I am not sure of the average processing time) after which it was and currently is 'shipping soon,' which is the same as STV (Sent to Vendor), meaning the order has been placed. Most of the ipods ordered by Trainn are from (you may be happy to hear, the ipods are currently in stock there... here recently they were backordered causing a delay in shipments). When 'shipping soon,' you can expect to wait the same amount of time it would take to receive the item after ordering it yourself online, from what I understand. Congratulations and good luck.


30-11-2005 05:12:23

I was processing for about 10days. After that I ordered the b;ack 30gig iPod. That was early November, my est. shipping date was the 19th. It finally went shipped on friday (25th) and should hopefully be arriving soon. Dont expect it anytime soon, but faster then freepay.


30-11-2005 05:45:37

thanks guys

is it transcendent innovations really faster than freepay? wow


30-11-2005 06:24:31

My friend Blayne was approved in 12 days, and then she went "Shipped" the next day, with a tracking number, which says she'll get her iPod on Thursday. I was approved after 12 days and got my paypal this morning, which is what they do (wednesday/saturday mornings).

Everyone has a different experience, I hope you have a good one.

I believe they are faster than freepay, although I've never finished a freepay site.


30-11-2005 19:27:30

Today is day 10 for me, should be any day now hopefully. Congrats on getting your 5. )