Gamefly question

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28-11-2005 15:56:10

I was trying to sign up for Gamefly as a Level B offer, and after I got all my CC info in, I was told another account was already using it. D'OH! I then remembered I used that card, probably under my other e-mail address, to BUY a used game from them back in January.

So is there any way to sign up for the subscription service and still get credit for the offer, or am I considered an existing customer (even though I've never had the subscription service) and thus screwed?




28-11-2005 16:20:54

My guess is that you can still complete the offer for credit. Advertisers with several distinct services (like Tickle, Video Professor, and Real) are usually willing to give you credit for each trial successfully completed.

Perhaps someone here has experience, or maybe a Trainn rep knows more.

Good luck!