Trainn down?

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27-11-2005 08:34:03

Is it just me?
404 Not Found

Unable to connect to host[/quoteb02b3285b7]

When trying to connect to 3604free.. just started happening, I've been refreshing nonstop cause i'm on the 12th day p


27-11-2005 08:48:34

works fine for me


27-11-2005 08:58:54

Weird, I wonder why I can't connect /


27-11-2005 09:21:06

Yea, something is wrong with your network connection or internet browser, try to like turn off you computer and turn it back on.Or if worst comes to worst then uninstall your internet browser and install it again.
Not certain these thing will work but, hey worth a try. o


27-11-2005 12:04:58

Works for me. Did you try refreshing?


27-11-2005 12:06:24

i did, and restarted, and a fe wother things. oh wlel /


27-11-2005 12:09:36

I'm on day 14 and still nothing so I wouldnt worry about getting approved while you can't get to the site. I'm sure it's a DNS thing which might take a few hours to clear up on its own


27-11-2005 12:24:46

You're on day 14?

Maybe I won't make the wednesday paypal.