help, wrong credit?

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24-11-2005 12:32:09

so i got one of my friends to do my flash site and he did he completed and offer for feel serenity so i waited a couple days and there was still no green on my account then i called him to ask him he if recieved credit for the offer yet and he said on his status page, he has completed a lot of different offers, including stamps twice and some others but not feel serenity.....he checked his email and got two seperate messages from trainn saying that hes getting credit for doing stamps not only for flash but for yourfreeflatscreen which he did the stamps offer for a couple days before that

it didnt seem to give him credit for the offer he did for flash (feel serenity) and it said he completed the wrong offer on the flash site.....any suggestions?


24-11-2005 12:34:23

How is this funny?


24-11-2005 13:05:21

I have no idea what you're trying to say, but I will say that your friend was only supposed to do the offer once.


24-11-2005 14:00:22

no he only did the stamps offer once (yourfreeflatscreens), not for my site, he did feel serenity, but they credited him with stamps on flash


24-11-2005 14:34:58

Oh okay, now I see what happened. Trainn can't fix that, I don't think. Give Trainn-Alan a ring, Trainn rep on this site, and he can help.