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22-11-2005 16:06:41

First I would like to say hello to everyone on the board. D

Secondly I submitted my 30 GB video ipod on sunday night over on my trainn site. I am curious on how long the typical wait is for approval. I read on their FAQ its 5-7 days, can anyone shed some light on this for me? Thanks!


22-11-2005 16:44:37

Most Trainn sites seem to be taking about 12 days right now. I'm currently on day 10 for 3604free.


22-11-2005 17:44:35

It took me about ten days for approval and Im on day 14 waiting for shipping so dont expect anythng in the next few weeks.


22-11-2005 18:10:35

In your opinion, will it be in hand by christmas or before?


22-11-2005 18:21:41

[quote2357ac4759="ChiLLot"]In your opinion, will it be in hand by christmas or before?[/quote2357ac4759]

It should be in your hands in a couple of weeks. Way before Christmas. It also depends which color you got. The black ones are backordered to hell. I waited for approval for about 10 days, and another 5 days to have it in my hands, but I got the white one.

Welcome to the boards.


22-11-2005 18:29:44

Well I ordered the black because my car is black and so is the interior, guess i'll just have to be patient. Just sucks you have to wait so long after putting in all the work to get people to sign up. I've only been waiting 2 days, you guys with 10+ must me going nuts by now haha.


22-11-2005 21:35:49

yea tell me about it, i submitted on the 5th, and a lot of people have submitted before me. Its worth it though, you just gotta be patient with these free sites.


22-11-2005 21:38:25

Yea, its kinda hard to complain when your getting items for free that will usually cost you 400$ dollars. D


23-11-2005 12:00:19

To get the 30GB I needed 5 refs, if I would get 3 more before I got approved, would they then send the 60GB instead(8 refs) or doesn't it matter if I get more refs now?


23-11-2005 12:01:40

You might want to open a support ticket for that.


23-11-2005 12:03:50

if you get them before you are approved, i THINK that you'll be ok.
if you get them after you are approved, you'll have to resubmit.
I could be wrong though.