about switching from point based to referal..

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22-11-2005 08:49:27

if my account is point based right now and complete an offer (lets say a 50 point = 1 referal). Then i switch to referal, will I get credit for that offer I did?

Maybe I should wait til my account completely switch over..


22-11-2005 09:29:31

Tranin says that you can change your acount type once and retain credit for offers.


22-11-2005 11:50:37

point based is when u do the offers YOURSELF right?


22-11-2005 11:58:55



22-11-2005 20:08:54

already put in a support tix to chane to referal.. but i guess i'll wait til acutally does change it before completing any offer


22-11-2005 20:15:50

[quote75835dc723="jMuss"]Tranin says that you can change your acount type once and retain credit for offers.[/quote75835dc723]

I didnt get my, points transfered into ref's.


22-11-2005 20:20:35

ian, did they at least credit that offers that you did. so let's say u did stamps on points..when u requested to change account type, did they credit stamps as a completed offer?


22-11-2005 20:47:36

Yea, they credited that I did an offer, but I did a whole bunch of offers and none of those got credited towards ref's which is understandable, seeing that the whole point of ref's is to have other people( not yourself) do your site.


22-11-2005 22:37:21

When switching from referrals to points, you receive the point value of your offer completion plus 25 points for each referral (65 for FlashiPods4free.com) with a completed offer.

When switching from points to referrals, you only receive credit for your offer completion (if you have completed an offer).