A couple refs for speedy approval/payment?

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20-11-2005 11:00:47

Okay, say we really want to get our paypal fast so we can transfer to bank and use it on Black Friday (so pretty much, get it today P)

If we have 10 refs and are going for 415 paypal, could we get it today if we take the 8 ref 350 paypal?


20-11-2005 11:36:51

Black Friday is the Friday after this coming one. Aren't they going to be approving over Thanksgiving weekend? -- Probably not I guess. I doubt they would approve you early for any reason at all. Might as well wait in line like the rest of us, today is my 11th day, but it is only your 5th. Hoping to get approved b4 Tuesday so I get my money on Wednesday morning.


20-11-2005 11:38:17

buddy, black friday is this friday. day after thanksgiving.

and ive heard of them speeding up the referral process for 1 ref before, why not fast approval and early paypal for 2 / they save 65 dollars lishrugli


20-11-2005 12:31:17

I completed that site with 5 extra referrals and I didn't get special attention so I am guessing that you aren't going to.


20-11-2005 13:04:32

We are not able to accommodate that as we receive at least 10 requests a day for fast shipment/approval due to plane trips/car rides/emergencies/job loss, you name it. If we started to do it for a couple, the rest would want the same and with the amount of orders and requests received, it's not possible..



20-11-2005 13:24:09

ah darn. gonna be broke on black friday P

oh well P


20-11-2005 14:35:08

use a credit card. I'm broke all the time yet I still manage to buy stuff. D