What shipping service do they use?

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19-11-2005 12:41:08

What shipping service does Trainn use and how long do they usually take to ship? i ordered early this morning will my ipod ship on tuesday?


19-11-2005 12:51:15

I'm not sure, but my status on FlashIpods4free.com changed to "Shipped" a while ago. Haven't received anything, and never got a tracking number. shrug


19-11-2005 14:26:42

Got my 30 GB iPod from Trainn today, they used US Postal Service.

The shipping estimate was Nov 17, 2005.


19-11-2005 14:37:37

Interesting. Maybe mine will get here today since my shipping estimate was Nov. 18th. The latest, I'm guessing, should be Monday.

I'll post here when received.

[ba026a6b537]EDIT[/ba026a6b537] It just got here. It did arrive by USPS and like I said, my shipping estimate was Nov. 18th.