Missing credit request

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18-11-2005 00:25:19

Just out of curiosity..for those that have filed a missing credit request, how long did it take for you to recieve the credit?

its been just over a week since I filed a request..and although I am patient, its my first trade on the forums and I dont want it to flop...Im not sure if waiting this long for a credit is normal or not..maybe its something with canadian offers?...has anyone been in a similar situation or have any advice?

btw, this is on yourfreevideoipods.com..


18-11-2005 00:45:56

My missing credit has been over a month. Still nothing -- don't put your hopes into it.


18-11-2005 09:23:05

My one referral can't even submit a missing credit request yet and it has been about 8 days since they completed the offer. Then I have a feeling once they do get to submit one it will be a really long wait if they even get it at all.

I had to submit a request once and it took about at least a month. They kept saying that they were waiting to hear back from the publisher and then one day the request status was changed to "not validated" with no explanation.


18-11-2005 13:05:46

I think I waited two weeks before telling my referral to just do another offer... was too impatient to wait.


24-11-2005 11:56:03

I tried another Trainn site and did an offer that said it would credit the next day..which it didn't and I understand it can take longer than a day but is there a possibility that it is a problem from Trainn's side rather than the advertiser since it has happend twice with different advertisers?

Another thing, what happens if you never get credit even after filing a missing credit request even though you have completed an offer properly. Is it just considered a loss? and the money you spent on the offer gone for good?