UK residents and Trainn sites??

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17-11-2005 19:10:09

OK, I searched high and low and couldn't find a thread with the answer to this. Are UK residents permitted to

a) register and compete offers on Trainn sites


b) register and complete offers on Trainn sites AND receive rewards?

Anyone have the answer?



17-11-2005 20:40:36

[quoteeb0adabc55="Trainn Help Page"][beb0adabc55]Who can participate?[/beb0adabc55]
Any person 18 years or older and located in the United States or Canada with internet access may participate on our sites.[/quoteeb0adabc55]


19-11-2005 11:35:07

Thanks - I was hoping they could register and complete offers but not receive gifts... wink


19-11-2005 13:58:23

People in the UK can recieve paypal


20-11-2005 16:04:59

[quote6f506a1efe="aguy"]People in the UK can recieve paypal[/quote6f506a1efe]

Has anyone from the UK actually done so, other than for 3604free?

On 3604free it states that UK residents can receive the Paypal, but that is the only site from Trainn that does say that. All others only state US and Canada.

If someone from the UK has gotten Paypal from other sites I'd like to know!