YFViP Down?

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16-11-2005 15:40:47

Is yourfreevideoiPods working for anyone else right now?


16-11-2005 15:44:19

nop its working


16-11-2005 15:47:23

www.yourfreevideoipods.com could not be found. Please check the name and try again.

The address (URL) is not a valid format and cannot be read. A typical address will start with "http//", followed by an address, (e.g. www.netscape.com), followed by a path to the content (or just "/"). A common cause for the problem is using backslashes(\) instead of forward slashes (/).

The file specified by the address (URL) cannot be found. Check that the file exists and that you have sufficient permissions to view it.

The address (URL) does not correspond to a known site and could not be loaded. This could be due to a misspelling in the address or because the site does not exist. If the address is known to be valid, or if the problem occurs for many sites, it may be an issue with your proxy service (if you use one) or the directory name service lookup. In such cases you should consult your system documentation, administrator or Internet Service Provider (ISP) as appropriate for further assistance.


16-11-2005 15:54:25

Clear your cache and try again perhaps? Because its working for me fine here


16-11-2005 15:58:47

Nope, nothing doing.


16-11-2005 16:08:17

it works fine for me. restart your comp


16-11-2005 16:18:47

That's strange cuz it's not working for me either?? I have had my comp running for a couple days tho. It also isn't working on GreenReporter or going to Trainn.org. ?


16-11-2005 16:47:40

We're having problems with the domain resolving, but we're working on it and hope to have it fixed shortly.



16-11-2005 18:28:37

working fine for me.


16-11-2005 18:31:03

still nothing for me. Must be an ISP-based thing.


16-11-2005 19:10:39

[quotec73759d0c1="phormat"]working fine for me.[/quotec73759d0c1]
Same here.