Offer questions on trainn, anyone do these offers?

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16-11-2005 12:49:53

Has anyone done one of the Consumer Info offers on TRAINN? I was wondering how they were. They are Level B offers but they look a bit shady. Anyone tried Gamefly either, I haven't heard of them before, are they like Blockbuster except with games?

Side Note READ THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF THE OFFER [i8d0bc392ea]WELL[/i8d0bc392ea].
Just got screwed by 1800patches cause they snuck in that I had to return the product and I have no post office available to me right now.


16-11-2005 13:08:58

Yea, pretty much,I am a member of gamefly currently and I love it.Its kinda gay that you can only get one game at a time though,but understandable.

Consumer info, is a decent offer i got credited fairly quickly,dont remeber exactly how long, but it wasnt instant i can tell you that much.


16-11-2005 13:46:30

Thanks, I saw gamefly and it looked pretty cool and was a free offer so I just wanted to make sure. Do you have to give up and really personal information for the credit report one?


16-11-2005 14:46:43

Yea, sadly u do u have to give like social security number and moms madien name.Thats it though.I had no problems.


16-11-2005 19:11:18

I'd NEVER give my SS to any company.
Bad enough I have to write it so much at college.


17-11-2005 13:12:19

[quote58068b32ae="johnjimjones"]I'd NEVER give my SS to any company.
Bad enough I have to write it so much at college.[/quote58068b32ae]

This is a company that does credit monitoring. How would you expect them to do it if you didn't give them your SSN?