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15-11-2005 19:23:04

Obviously as we know, one of the reasons why these companies that offer free gifts for offer completions is because a lot of people can not finish these sites. I read somewhere that for a successful economic market to rise from these environments, it has to have a 110 ratio. That means for every 10 people that signup and complete an offer, only one of them will actually meet all the requirements and receive the free gift.

The reason why freepay is so god damn successful is because they advertise up the ying yang all over the place so they get a bunch of numskulls that will finish their own offer, and maybe get a couple of friends to do it but never eventually meet the requirement.

Trainn is still new in the game and does not have the funds or the market share to successfully advertise as well as Freepay. I mean this is just a given. However, Trainn, in my opinion, is about 20 times better than Freepay. (Yeah Freepay, you best watch out)

We have to let the public know about Trainn. This is where my proposal comes in. I propose Trainn to create an affiliate program. For example, I have a mainstream college website. A bunch of BigTen people go there and I get about 10,000 unique hits a day. It'll probably go up with the new facebook ads I'm getting. I would put my link up there to get my requirements but after I am done, I take it off because there is no incentive for me to keep it up there. If Trainn paid me for every referral I sent them, I would do this. This would also be beneficial for Trainn because they wouldn't have to pay as much as they would for a completed account.

A lot of new people that sign up for Trainn sites are experts at these free sites so Trainn does not have a higher percentage of profit. I think Trainn's ultimate path to success would be to tap into the market that are not very experienced with these free sites.

So if Trainn started an affiliate program, or maybe even an extension of their existing sites so people could continue making money after their referral requirements were met, it would be nice. If Trainn offeredm me like 20-30 bucks a pop for a new referral, I would post my shit everywhere.

I would advise Trainn to do a screening or make these by-invite-only so people like the webmasters here don't do it and then pay people like 10 bucks a ref so they make the rest in profit. You know? Anyways, I'm just trying to look out for my Trainn boys! Any comments, suggestions, would be appreciated as well. Let's start talking!


15-11-2005 19:26:37

I'm sure they've thought of that already.


15-11-2005 19:41:21

[quotea02f022b5c="Veek"]I'm sure they've thought of that already.[/quotea02f022b5c]

agreed, although you do bring up some helpful points


15-11-2005 19:45:21

[quotef0af8ef815="wolverine13"]If Trainn offeredm me like 20-30 bucks a pop for a new referral, I would post my shit everywhere.[/quotef0af8ef815]

So you want $20-$30 for each referal you get them?
Yea, you're a real economist...roll


15-11-2005 19:54:13

hahaa i was just wondering....i mean realistcally 10 bucks a new ref would be nice...


15-11-2005 19:54:58

I'd say $1.00/lead is good. in fact, freepay already does this with commission junction I believe. I ran them for a while on my site.


15-11-2005 20:13:26

Yeah, this is a great ideal. This is something that we're definitely working on and believe it can be a major success for both us and those who want to advertise our sites. The only hang up right now is whether or not we should run it in-house or through the big networks.

[quotef7cd0952aa="Airkat"]I'd say $1.00/lead is good. in fact, freepay already does this with commission junction I believe. I ran them for a while on my site.[/quotef7cd0952aa]

That is the going rate for a "new user," a lead for a new sign-up who completes an offer would be considerably more.



15-11-2005 20:23:12

Alan, I really believe that we could work out a great deal. I could send you dozens of new users that sign up AND complete an offer. Please PM me if you are interested because I don't want to PM you and bother you. On top of all this, I think a lot of the people that sign up and complete an offer are not "experts" at doing free sites so many would not finish. PLEASE PM me if u are interested in setting something up....thanks