For 60 gig orders: Starting a Approval/Order/Shipped thread

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15-11-2005 13:45:49

Thought it would be a good idea to start a thread for those of us waiting on a 60 gig. Just post when you submitted for approval, when you got approved, when you submitted your order, and when it actually ships. This will help us all get an idea on where Trainn is.

Submitted for approval Oct 20
Approved/Ordered Nov 1
Shipping Estimate Nov 11
Status Backordered.


15-11-2005 14:05:56

Submitted for approval Oct 19
Approved/Ordered Oct 30
Shipping Estimate Nov 09
Status Backordered as fuck.


15-11-2005 14:10:14

Submitted for approval Oct 24
Approved/Ordered Nov 5
Shipping Estimate Nov 15
Status Backordered!


15-11-2005 16:49:20

There are like 4 threads with this info. Just be patient...