Will there be an Xbox 360 shortage?

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14-11-2005 11:08:01

Ok, so I know the question has been asked before, but I figured that since we are around a week before launch of the 360 that Trainn would probably have a good idea of whether or not they'd be getting enough consoles to send out the first few shipments on time or even a little before (or not).....so hopefully someone from Trainn can let us know if they've found out from their supplier how many they'll be able to send out and what our expected wait could be. Also perhaps we could use this thread as a place for those in the first shipment to post a pic or two once they get their console in the mail (but I'm sure it'll also be put in the brag bag). Anyways, don't mean to be a pest, I just really want to get my hands on my very own free xbox 360...and even play one again for that matter (the one at wal-mart is broken).....anyways, thanks in advance for any helpful information about the "shortage" and how it will effect the number of consoles trainn can send out.

codex avellum

14-11-2005 11:35:27

dude its been posted atleast 5 times. you keep starting threads about the same exact thing. just use the search button


14-11-2005 11:55:43

Of course we would. The first shipment is guaranteed, but after that it depends on availability.



14-11-2005 13:01:18

The first shipment is guaranteed, does that also include the first shipment of Canadian orders (not talking about the release-day guarantee, the guarantee of less than 1 week given to me by the customer service rep)? I ordered on September 22, so I'd assume that I will receive mine in a reasonable time from the release date.


14-11-2005 22:51:44

Haha... I'm not even finished wwith the site... I wont expect mine until mid January or something unless I get all my trades done and approved by the end of the week.... then Maybe late December/Early january...


15-11-2005 22:20:52

thanks for the response Alan! I was just wondering if you all had found out from your supplier whether or not you'll be getting enough to fill more than just the first shipment, I'm not trying to be an ass or fill up the boards with new topics (I honestly forgot that posting a new message in one I had started bumped it to the top...my bad ( )

I apoligize to everyone who feels I'm wasting their time, it's just I'm trying to figure out if I want to go to walmart and pickup a 360 and then sale the one I get from trainn (to make my money back so it's still free), but if it's only a week or so I'll be glad to wait. I just want my 360 before Christmas (which I don't think it is an unreasonable thing to want to know when I can expect it....so people please forgive me), and it'd be even better if I'd be able to get it by the time I am out of school for exams as I don't work for like a month since the university is closed (I work for them) and I was hoping to get in some quality time with the 360 over the break.


16-11-2005 04:20:24

chill out. lol. don't worry, just don't post multiple topics constantly.... it helps to just post a comment in someone elses thread that concerns the same issue.

I am in the third shipment, I am almost positive that instead of 2 weeks I will get it like after 4 weeks because of the shortage.... ((

well yeah, don't worry. just chilll out dont gotta be sorry.