One of my refs is now red...? What happened?

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12-11-2005 22:48:50

Just wondering, besides the obvious (same ip, cancelling right away) what could put a ref on hold? And how can I have him turn green again? Thanks guys...

PS-I just got approved for $250 Paypal on flashipods...! YEAH!!!


13-11-2005 00:24:03

If hes red it will be hard to get him off hold. He probably has more then one account, go create a support ticket, quickest way for you to get an answer.


13-11-2005 08:21:28

ya, one of my refs went red, too....


13-11-2005 10:25:19

Yeah, it wasn't masteredge23 was it - I had him as a referral - went red, and when I asked Trainn about it they said that he had opened over 40 accounts with them. bastard. twisted

codex avellum

13-11-2005 11:13:53

40 accounts? holy crap, thats alot of accounts


20-11-2005 16:42:27

One of my accounts recently went red when they submitted for approval and it is likely due to the fact that we are currently living in the same house in the town of our university, so we have both logged in from the same IP.

However, I knew this might be a problem so I asked Trainn if it would be okay since I signed up for the site from home and not here. Their response was that they can differentiate between college locations so yes they may sign up.

So I had two people I lived with sign up. I also clarified that we do not specifically live on campus and they said again that as long as they are in a college/higher education location they'll be able to tell the accounts apart.

Apparently there was a miscommunication somewhere in there because my referral is now on hold. It's kind of unfair really because from their responses I understood that it would be okay for them to sign up.