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08-11-2005 21:32:23

for, is there no trial whatsoever? because while i was signing up it just said i had to pay 197.00 and i've seen people who've consequently have to pay that amount because they weren't careful? how doe sthis work? is the trial hidden and u just call within 2 weeks or what?


09-11-2005 16:09:15

There used to be a trial, but not anymore. If you sign up, you have to pay the $200.


09-11-2005 17:52:56

that was close o
i barely have 200 to spare P


09-11-2005 17:56:30

[quote55c620e037="akalic"]that was close o
i barely have 200 to spare P[/quote55c620e037]

If you're interested in trying it out, why not?


09-11-2005 18:14:43

$200 is too much imo


09-11-2005 18:17:48

it caught my attention, but not for 200.


09-11-2005 18:39:33

[quote4433293a93="akalic"]it caught my attention, but not for 200.[/quote4433293a93]

Yeah, I must admit that 200 would be a bit too pricey to find all your relatives.


09-11-2005 18:56:11

Yeah, I honestly would have done it for $20 or so, but $200 is out of the question...