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08-11-2005 19:19:48

Hey Alan (or anyone else)

Could you post for me the cutoff dates for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd shipments?

IE If your ordered by date X you will get shipped on or before release or get the 100$ bonus.


08-11-2005 19:41:05

The first shipment officially sold out at 345pm on Sept 24th.

2nd 9/24 @ 346 to 10/16.
3rd 10/17-10/30

Currently on the 4th shipment.



08-11-2005 20:37:50

just incase you guys have this question, i reposted this quote from alan...

[quote1d09678011="Trainn-Alan"]Only the first shipment has a guaranteed shipping date (on or before launch). The rest are estimates based on the best information we've been given, but is subject to availability.

The hopeful timeframes are

2nd (7-10 days after launch)
3rd (2 weeks after launch)
4th (4-6 weeks).

If there is a shortage, we too will be affected, but if the systems are available in great numbers, we [i1d09678011]may[/i1d09678011] be able to ship them sooner then the estimate. We will not know though until the system has been launched and the products are in-hand.