Trainn shipping and UPS

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08-11-2005 09:02:10

Hey folks, well I read in another thread that many of Trainn's packages come from UPS, so I am guessing that Trainn ships their products with UPS and in light of that had a quick question about UPS' policy on shipping items and Trainn's for that matter (someone correct me if wrong, but please just help answer my question using the provider that you believe they use).

My question is does UPS require a signature upon receipt of a package or do they drop the package at the door?? I will be out of town the week the 360 comes out and was wondering if they'd just leave my package sitting at the door or if they'd leave a notice and let me know where to pick up the package. I am guessing also that Trainn probably has a policy that the company should not just leave the items at a door, but then again they may leave that up to the shipping company's judgement as I know one company once told me that they decide whether or not to leave the package by looking at how safe they think it'd be just sitting there. I was just curious as I was wondering if I could expect to have a package waiting if my 360 gets to me early, but chances are I'll be back in town by the time mine comes in (hopefully still a week after the initial launch!!). Thanks in advance for any help!

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11-11-2005 21:02:24

No, ups does not require a signature i think tats only fed-ex and dhl.


11-11-2005 21:27:08

When I'm not here to sign for any UPS package, they usually leave a pink slip notifying me about their attempted delivery. They deliver it to my local post office, which is a 10 minute walk, and I take the pink slip to them and they give me my package. It's safer, and I like it.


11-11-2005 21:57:33

Oh, I guess i was wrong but the usually leave it on my door step.


11-11-2005 22:33:13

DHL just threw my package over the fence to my door (15 feet away) ........ a corner on the box was badly smashed ( .... luckily, the insides were ok....phew....


12-11-2005 12:55:58

thanks for the insight folks! I appreciate it!


12-11-2005 13:17:30

As I have reciently recieved a package from trainn via UPS I can tell you that THEY DO REQUIRE A SIGNATURE...When they leave a notice on your door there will be a barcode and number on it and you can have them hold it for 5 days if you can pick it up within that time period. Otherwise I believe they jsut return to sender...


12-11-2005 22:07:33

you can sign a waiver with UPS and then they'll deliver all packages to you without a signature. Not sure how you get that form tho I just did it a while ago and haven't signed for a package since