How long for 2nd approval on yourfreevideoipods?

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07-11-2005 01:53:44

I went thru the approval process once of my refs went how long till i get approved?


07-11-2005 02:25:04

10 days.


07-11-2005 03:02:17

[quotea46763c88c="Cash4Cookies"]10 days.[/quotea46763c88c] ur BSin right? i really hope u are cry


07-11-2005 03:52:49

hahahaha be careful who you trade with...
I think it's 10 days for the second time too... It's the same thing. lol


07-11-2005 10:25:41

Upon resubmission, an account is typically reviewed within 72 hours.


07-11-2005 10:41:44

[quoteaf2a75101c="jetblack85"]Upon resubmission, an account is typically reviewed within 72 hours.[/quoteaf2a75101c]

Incorrect. I submitted my account once and one of my friends got DQ'd. I re-submitted Oct. 28th, and have yet to be approved.


07-11-2005 10:44:05

[quoteb71f5eace2="jetblack85"]Upon resubmission, an account is typically reviewed within 72 hours.[/quoteb71f5eace2]

yeah, complete incorrect, had a ref go red for me, re-submitted approval, 10 days later i could order. sorry man, waiting is apart of the game.


07-11-2005 11:25:39

I am sorry to hear yours is taking/took so long, but mine was reviewed in just over 72 hours, just like their support told me they would.


Upon resubmission, an account is typically reviewed with 72 hours.

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07-11-2005 11:34:12

well, sorry for doubting you. Thats unforunate that I had to wait anothng 10 days, and to the OP, good luck in getting yours done in 72 hours. And again, sorry jetblack85


07-11-2005 11:48:09

I should have cited where I was posting that information from in the first place. I suppose Trainn is bogged down with the amount of people completing the videoipod site. Maybe my account was re-reviewed just in time... Waiting another 10 days must've been quite frustrating, as I cannot wait for my own video ipod to ship. )