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06-11-2005 17:03:00


I am nearing completion of, and I am getting to the point where I am debating getting 5 vs. 8 referrals.

I am going to get a dell monitor; as they are the industry standard.

Where the confusion lies in in the values for the 2 monitors listed.

They are

Dell UltraSharp 1704FPT 17-inch - 5 referrals
Dell E193FP Flat Panel Monitor- 8 Referrals.

Now, dell themselves sell 2 versions of every size of monitor. They are

[b2d84b17b78]19 Inch[/b2d84b17b78]

1905FP- $449
E193FP- $359, on sale for $309

[b2d84b17b78]17 Inch[/b2d84b17b78]

1705FP - $325
E173FP- $289, on sale for $245

Now, the trouble is in the referral amount/cost

E193FP- $309 - 8 Referrals
1705FP - $325 - 5 Referrals

So Could someone shed some light on this situation? It seem to make more sense to have the 1905FP as the 19 inch monitor....



06-11-2005 18:12:43

If I remember correctly, its not 5 and 8 refferals, its 5 and 6 =\


06-11-2005 18:14:20

The prices fluctuate dramatically on those items, today they may be cheap, but at the end of the sale, the 19's can run in excess of $360. In addition, because of the volume ordered, Dell enforces discount restrictions as they fall under the "resale" guidelines (they don't like people buying for sole purposes of reselling and will blacklist if they catch people doing it regularly without going through the proper channels).



07-11-2005 04:52:00

hmmph... well, im not quite sure what t odo.. i was on day 10 of approval and Ii stopped when i got a 6th green, but now im not quite sure what to do..

Whats the paypal for 8 refs? There is nothing listed... does that mean that I cant get it?

Thanks for helping me out anyways,


07-11-2005 11:37:13

There are no custom orders, whatever is listed on the site is all that is available.