I Bet.

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04-11-2005 07:17:24

I managed to scrape up two more greens yesterday for yourfreevideoipods.com, and I'm willing to bet this.
I've been waiting a month and a few days (!) for APPROVAL on FreePay's Nano site.

[b2acaa17797]I bet I can finish yourfreevideoipods, pass approval and get it shipped to my door before freepay, even though they have a month + I still have to get my last green headstart[/b2acaa17797]

Who wants in on this?

Betting pool starts at $1 =D

The videos are even in higher demand in the nanos, and Trainn will still come through. Yay!


04-11-2005 14:23:25

I am not going to take you up, but I hope you are wrong. But it does not seem like it with FreePays trend for ipod nanos.


05-11-2005 10:58:48

Got my last ref, I requested approval. One of my friends might have made a boo boo, but hopefully it'tl all be fine.


07-11-2005 12:45:05

Bets off, freepay approved my nano )))