what will trainn do...

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28-10-2005 15:01:14

tradersecure your a bitch for talking shit about me
tradersecure your a bitch for talking shit about me
SupErUbErtAtstEr k
tradersecure hope you enjoy me turning black
tradersecure after i make multiple accounts and fuck up on trainn
tradersecure THanks,though.
SupErUbErtAtstEr wow thats sweet of u
SupErUbErtAtstEr should i get my money back now?
SupErUbErtAtstEr becuase i will file a complaint on paypal
tradersecure spent it
tradersecure have fun
tradersecure cool
tradersecure go ahead
tradersecure PLEASE

tradersecure and il laugh when u get ur account limited
tradersecure cause ive used paypal for three years and own about 50 accounts
tradersecure andi know how to get people limited
tradersecure they will ask you for ID, picture of bank statement or CC if you have added
tradersecure and a whole bunch of other shit
SupErUbErtAtstEr i have that all

so basically im fucked cause i have 0 dollars..

if i explain will train still red that ref?


28-10-2005 15:37:57

an AIM conversation doesn't really explain the situation you're in...?


28-10-2005 15:40:49

He greened for me..

i had trouble sending him Epassporte.. i offered him paypal instead.. he said he doesnt have it.. so eventually (like 4 days) he gave me a paypal adress... i sent the money..

now i said that he is not very intelligent and he bugs when There wqas nothing I could do (10 messages a day saying "where is my epassporte and TR")

so i said that now he is saying he is gonna make multiple accounts and shit.


28-10-2005 15:41:11

tradersecure tru
SupErUbErtAtstEr sad
tradersecure i dont know what u said
tradersecure u just r u is that true i said tru lol
tradersecure im going to fuck u over tho, prick
tradersecure for rtalking shit
SupErUbErtAtstEr oh no im not gonna get my green?
tradersecure yup sir
tradersecure you faggot fuck.
tradersecure suck myh fat cock please
tradersecure im going to fuck u over,bitch
SupErUbErtAtstEr hows that?
tradersecure multiple sign up
SupErUbErtAtstEr OH NO!
tradersecure changed email address to ur address
SupErUbErtAtstEr i lose one ref
SupErUbErtAtstEr lol
SupErUbErtAtstEr nice

lol hes gonna change his email to mine..


01-11-2005 13:17:56

superblaster is JaruleSux I think. ?


01-11-2005 15:12:32

super is aguy, tradingsecure is the banned trader - secure.


01-11-2005 15:25:00

[quote918e6847a2="theclownoftightness"]superblaster is JaruleSux I think. ?[/quote918e6847a2]

super uber tatster