VIP Visa Charges $159 setup fee....

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24-10-2005 13:49:15

Hey about 2 (Around Aug. 30th) months ago i signed up for VIP Visa for yourfreeflatscreens and at first it didnt give me credit...had to contact trainn to get credit...then comes October 21st my bank account Get billed $159...i had no clue what charged me since i canceled all the trials i signed up all day i was on the phone tryin to figure out who to contact to get my money back and who charged after about 3 hrs on the phone and like 90 gazillion phone calls i find out its from VIP Visa and they have a 159$ setup fee....when i completed this offer i did not see this is the Terms for the card i signed up for...i was able to get $100 back but i cant get the 59$ back...and then to top everything off i have not goten a Credit card from them yet...Don't do this offer it SUX


25-10-2005 09:33:02

sorry to hear about that.
what kind of benefits does this site offer??


25-10-2005 11:03:25

[quote6878a0652d="ditto_mark"]sorry to hear about that.
what kind of benefits does this site offer??[/quote6878a0652d]

what do u mean benefits?


25-10-2005 11:35:21

cash back, interest rates, free stuff, etc


25-10-2005 15:12:16

i dont remember but they have garenteed approval...