Changing account types

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23-10-2005 16:52:21

Anyone have any details on what happens when you switch from a points to a referral account?

Trainn told me that the points would be reflected on the amount of refs I needed, and said that the exact amount varies by item, but no further details.

Has anyone done it? I'm interested in knowing. After getting about 150 points, I'm pretty sure it'll be easier to get the referrals. I just would like my 150 to count for at least 2 signups (or maybe just 1, plus my original that I would have had to do).

Anyone know?


23-10-2005 19:02:32

ya if you have 100 (i think) it = 1 referal when you switch to a ref account, might be a different number though


23-10-2005 20:31:21

anyone have any solid info?


23-10-2005 20:54:03

Yes, someone does. The nice people over at Transcendent Innovations.

They have a nifty contact button which gets back to you VERY quickly.