Approve for 5 ref item with 6 refs, can I order 6 ref?

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20-10-2005 19:19:31

Okay, I submit for approval on the 5 ref ipod.

Then I got a 6th green, and I'm still not approved.

Can I order the paypal when I get approved?


20-10-2005 19:48:11

Am 90% sure that yes you can.


20-10-2005 19:53:34



20-10-2005 19:55:42

okay awesome. hoepfully i'm approved by tomorrow so I can get that paypal that night >| i submit on the 14th / and they were up to the 10th on monday..


20-10-2005 20:35:02

yeah you should be able to order whatever item costs as many referrals as you you should be good, good luck!!


20-10-2005 23:57:04

I'm in a similar situation. I submitted for approval with 4 refs, and another ref of mine is waiting for a missing credit response for The 10 day mark for the missing credit response is the same day that I should get approved. What if my ref gets credit on that day and I am also approved that day? Maybe the credit has to occur before the approval. What if it doesn't though, will I be able to get a 5 ref reward?