Gift card shipment

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18-10-2005 20:48:41

When does Trainn ship the giftcards? I was approved last Monday and I had requested a $375 Walmart gift card (8 referrals) last tuesday, still there's no tracking details on my order ( When can I expect the gift card to arrive? Has anyone had experience with trainn's giftcard rewards? I would appreciate a reply.


18-10-2005 22:32:10

My ship estimate was today and i ordered on the 8th, it now just changed to shipped, and I still have no tracking number


19-10-2005 05:15:51

Maybe I shd wait for 2 more days. Lets see.


19-10-2005 11:56:48

when will my check ship out?

i ordered last wednesday... man i thought it goes out on friday.. i owe all of it to someone -/

figured the check would come as fast as it took to transfer paypal to the bank minus the fees..


19-10-2005 11:58:37

Check shd take the same time as a gift card - I got mine approved on last monday and am still waiting (


19-10-2005 14:33:47

it will say shipping est. on your order that is when it ships.....only thing that gets sent out twice a week is paypal.

i was a little upset in this sorry trainn )


20-10-2005 11:29:59

[quotef1e8cfe436="motz"]only thing that gets sent out twice a week is paypal, which is stupid.[/quotef1e8cfe436]

Oh really, when did this go into effect? It's news to me and I figure I would be the first to know.



20-10-2005 16:43:45

that is what i thought, i think i phrased that wrong. i mean like if someone gets approved and orders it they will get it the next ship day, however items like gift cards and ipods have a grace period. I could be rong i am not Alan )


20-10-2005 16:54:10

Update got my response from trainn since it says my gift card was shipped, they said give up to 10 days for it to come. I am assuming they order them only through EB's website.