offers being same

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17-10-2005 14:56:28

do u think it matters if i get all my referals to do tickle IQ, i have a lot of freinds who will do that offer as long as i just pay them for it, so im going to do that as long as i know this wont be a problem having all my referals doing the same offer.


17-10-2005 15:13:17


Same question was asked there. Freepay doesn't care if all of your referrals do the same offer, so I'm not sure why Trainn would. Just make sure you didn't "walk" them through their offers or actually tell them to do that offer. However, Tickle IQ, and are pretty obvious to the eye. Both fast in crediting, and inexpensive and interesting all together.


17-10-2005 17:19:40

yeah, but hasn't been crediting well. My brother had three people do it and not one received credit.

But, yeah, all your friends can sign up for the same thing and you'll be fine )