no green fro stamps yet?

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17-10-2005 13:36:42

my friend completed the stamps offer on friday and receive the comfirmation email from stamps. And it is monday and still no green.

Should i be worry about this? since its only been a day, but it said instant credit.....

any help would be appreciated.


17-10-2005 14:44:05

yeah, my brother has had three people complete that offer, and none of them have gone green. don't get your hopes up on it.


17-10-2005 17:33:41

My friend did it, didn't credit. He put in a ticket with the confirmation email though


17-10-2005 17:35:56

My referrals also did not receive credit, so one of them just did another offer and got credit, while the other is still waiting.


18-10-2005 08:30:36

That's interesting, all of the people that have done it for me have been credited instantly.


18-10-2005 10:30:45

[quotedcf3c774d3="Veek"]That's interesting, all of the people that have done it for me have been credited instantly.[/quotedcf3c774d3]

yeah, I did it and got the credit email before I even got the confirmation email from stamps


18-10-2005 11:42:15

make sure they/you are using internet Explorer...Firefox dont work even if u have accept cookies on...


18-10-2005 13:46:16

So if they signed up using firefox, like mine did, a simple support ticket (and a ton of waiting im guessing) should clear it up?


18-10-2005 14:25:08

Uh oh. I just had my brother do stamps on YourFreeFlatscreens for me and I'm sure he used firefox.

Let me know how it pans out for you guys.


18-10-2005 14:28:29

i used firefox.. and i've been waiting for almost a month on this offer.


18-10-2005 19:49:29

similar situation here for one of my referrals on waiting for stamps offer to credit.


18-10-2005 23:14:19

i guess no credit for me..........unless a support ticket would clear things up?


19-10-2005 16:41:38

[quote62dfb02a6f="Supacold"]i guess no credit for me..........unless a support ticket would clear things up?[/quote62dfb02a6f]

Worth a shot.

Anyone do stamps with firefox and get credit??


19-10-2005 17:58:32

[quoteda44f5104d="Supacold"]i guess no credit for me..........unless a support ticket would clear things up?[/quoteda44f5104d]

No, but a missing credit request will.

I know you may be accustom to how other sites run, but we set things up the way they are for a reason and things move a lot better when they are used as intended.



19-10-2005 18:04:47

Alan, how long do missing ref requests take? MY last ref apparently filed a request on monday, and im jsut wondering how long I will be waiting.



20-10-2005 12:49:39

And I submitted a credit request (#576, on the 30th of September. Still no credit for me.


20-10-2005 14:03:35

oh man. that really sucks. Its my laaast ref too.


20-10-2005 14:46:56

yea i had someone do that offer. still no credit. he sent in a no credit request so hopefully he credits soon )


20-10-2005 15:48:32

I had 2 people get credit instantly, and 1 didnt. He put in a support ticket yesterday, we will see ;) Must just be a minor glitch that happens once in a while.


20-10-2005 16:08:29

I just did it and i got credit instantly..w00t


20-10-2005 16:27:26

[quoted6a437807d="Matt8789"]I just did it and i got credit instantly..w00t[/quoted6a437807d]

What browser did you use?


21-10-2005 07:50:26

how do i send a ticket wit the confirmation ifo i recieved?


21-10-2005 09:44:32

Me and 3 of my friends did stamps - 3 instant green (before even I got a confirmation email from stamps) and 1 never greened (despite creating a support ticket and waiting for 35 days). Take ur chance. Its a free offer and there're atleast 5-6 good offers on trainn and so, u can always come out on top for all their sites )


21-10-2005 15:50:12

Ive 3 people in the past 2 days do this offer and it greened instantly.


21-10-2005 17:05:47

It was instant green when I did it ...

But I did use IE.


25-10-2005 11:56:34

If it doesn't turn green instantly, then you're out of luck. Submit a ticket for it otherwise.


25-10-2005 15:34:39

[quote04da6c2fc2="Celegur"]It was instant green when I did it ...

But I did use IE.[/quote04da6c2fc2]

Yeh IE works...

Jus to let u guys kno...Firefox u gota download before u can sign up with IE u sign up then download...thus givin u credit...


25-10-2005 19:29:27

yeah it's been 2 weeks since I sent in the missing credit form, kinda a pain in the ass. It seems like a lot of trainn offers aren't crediting so quickly any more or is that just me, 4 of my refs did offers early last week and haven't gotten one green yet.


26-10-2005 10:34:37

it is about 2 weeks, since 10 business days = 14 regular days (not including random holidays)


26-10-2005 11:44:27

You dont have to download then sign up when you use firefox, when i used firefox it gave me the signup first, then the download, and the credit was pretty much instant.


27-10-2005 11:09:01

I'm still waiting 3 of my refs did it on flashipods4free been about a week for some and still nothing there sending support tickets.


27-10-2005 16:07:34

Whoa, after a month and a half I get credit... manually. On the wrong site.



27-10-2005 16:11:43

all my trainn refs are going slowly lately, they must just have a lot of stuff to do. Hope I can get all my credits in soon so I can get my ipod!


28-10-2005 11:46:07

made another thread about this but my missing credit request is now "pending." Apparently this means they have sent the info to