what type of shipping does trainn have?

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17-10-2005 12:33:42

I looked at my order yesterday for the ipod nano to find that it has shipped D D D but there is no referral number, so i assumed that it went through usps or something which would really suck, does anyoen know what trainn usually ships through?


17-10-2005 14:45:41

mine came from macmall.com via ups.


17-10-2005 14:45:58

....and, yeah, it was a nano.


17-10-2005 15:47:37

Black 4 gb nano from amazon shipped ups


17-10-2005 16:21:31

I had my flatscreen ship 2day ups from amazon. It was pretty quick


18-10-2005 13:44:52

did all of you guys get a tracking number? i haven't gotten one.


18-10-2005 16:01:47

you odnt really need one, you'll probably get it tomorrow or the day after.


18-10-2005 17:02:12

I got a tracking number right away as it was shipped D


18-10-2005 17:55:16

it took me a day but I got a tracking link it ships 2nd day air ups I think


19-10-2005 16:37:54

my nano shipped friday or before, and i still haven't received it or gotten a shipping number / i thought you guys got second day air shipping? is this normal?


19-10-2005 18:26:10

expect it tomorrow UPS didnt pick mine up until monday (according to the tracking link)


19-10-2005 19:34:15

I have the same problem, mine has said shipped since Saturday or definitely Sunday, yet I haven't received it nor do I have a tracking number, and I'm going out of town tomorrow. I don't know what to do.


20-10-2005 16:18:54

still did not receive it /


23-10-2005 21:52:51

And I still have not received mine, it said it shipped definitely a week ago. Shouldn't I have recieved it by now or at least got a tracking number? I'm gonna e-mail Trainn.


24-10-2005 00:04:45

Once again, amazed by Trainn's customer service and responsiveness. After e-mailing them after midnight, I heard back probably just 20 minutes later, couldn't believe it. My iPod (or rather the iPod for my girlfriend) is supposed to be delivered tomorrow, yay! Thanks again Trainn!


24-10-2005 13:10:23

same, mine's supposed to be delivered today also,a nd they sent me back a customer service request last night, i hope it comes today!!!!!


24-10-2005 21:14:31

Got my Nano today! Like some others, it came from Amazon. Thanks Trainn!


24-10-2005 23:05:59

Congrats! I was supposed to be approved Monday (according to the seven day wait)...but I guess not. Perhaps they're behind again. Don't they ship on Tues/Fri? If so, if I were to get approved on Tuesday, and submitted my order, would it make it to Tues shipping?