2nd batch shipping, how will it work?

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14-10-2005 23:58:32

First of all I'd just like to say thanks to Trainn for giving me a free Xbox 360 . I was approved today and submitted my order for a bronze bundle ) !!! Anyways, I know that Alan has said that the second batch will probably start shipping around a week after launch which is awesome, but I was wondering if Trainn would be staggering the second batch, like send a bunch a week after, then more the next week, etc. or would it be basically a big batch the first week and then an individual basis?? Really what I'd like to know is if I'll be waiting longer than a week for my 360 or if since I've been approved now that I may just be waiting around a week after launch....any help would be appreciated, thanks!!


15-10-2005 06:12:34

I'm sorry I don't know the answer, but may I ask the time you were approved, and the date you submit?