*Trainn* plasma TV site should be made!!!!

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14-10-2005 08:39:07

Trainn. oh my favorite trainn. Have you thought maybe making a plasma site or adding a plasma screen to yourfreeflatscreens? I would love to see one come out and I know many many many others would as well. You should seriously consider this. Thanks. Your biggest Fan! D


14-10-2005 09:00:22

I kinda like his idea...... )


14-10-2005 09:24:58

Plasma TV with a trusted, fast company like Trainn scares me.

It could easily destroy them. Imagine having a bunch of experts on sites like FIPG and A4F finish in a couple weeks, and having to ship out 10+ plasma TVs.

I think Trainn stays so fast and easy because they don't do crazy things. Like, I think their new iPod Video site might get them a little behind in the accepting, but I don't mind since I finished it the day after it came out P


14-10-2005 15:09:58

We definitely are trying to work on how to offer that without having steep requirements, but like shamash mentions, it would be a tough thing to do given the tremendous interest that a site like that would have.



14-10-2005 19:01:48

I don't think people would mind high requirements since we know your legit, but it would have to be a lot of refs.


14-10-2005 19:05:24

Just one thing TRAINN...if you plan on doing a Plasma site, don't go cheap...pick the best plasmas you can find.


14-10-2005 20:10:19

screw plasmas they are pieces of shit that you have to pay to get refilled every 5 years. That means the plasma is slowly used and the picture quality gets worse and worse every time it is used. Go with LCD tvs. They are cheaper (less refs) they have better picture quality and are more efficent in the long run