Friend not appearing?

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13-10-2005 14:40:45

My friend signed up under me yet isnt showing up under my referrals list.

Can she sign up again as long as she hasn't completed an offer, with a new email?


13-10-2005 14:41:40



13-10-2005 14:48:32

okay good. i really knew the answer, i just needed to confirm before she signs up again and goes red and can't complete it herself (she'd be pissed)


13-10-2005 14:51:11

and for those of you who keep saying you can't create another account,

I PMed Alan about this issue a couple week ago. My PM to him was something like

"I know Freepay allow you to sign up under a different email as long as you did not complete an offer with the first email address, does this apply with Trainn as well?"

[quoteca31c8afa7="Trainn-Alan"]That holds true with our sites as well. As long as you have (and will) not complete(d) an offer, you may create 1 other account



16-10-2005 16:38:18

That's cool.