What would you do??

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11-10-2005 14:12:33

Ok, well I am in the approval process now...hopefully I'll find out in a day or so (if I'm lucky).... but anyways, my question is do I want to wait and let Trainn ship me the Xbox 360 in the 2nd batch, hopefully a week or so after launch.....or do I take the chance and get the giftcard and try to go to walmart the night of launch..I live in a small area, so I think that they shouldn't be sold out, but then again the launch is gonna be huge, and MS hasn't even really started their advertising for launch, so I don't know. its a 24 hour superwalmart, so I know theyll be giving them out at midnight, but should I just be patient and wait since it'll only be a week?? I think I may do that, but hopefully Alan or Trainn-Support can give some insight into a realistic time frame for the 2nd shipment (although they've said a week, so I trust that and will probably wait it out and actually get some mail one day.....) so please post what you'd consider doing and why?? (i'm trying to find ways to pass the time while waiting on approval ) )


11-10-2005 14:52:07

how do u kno if u are guna be in the first or second batch of 360's?


11-10-2005 17:07:26

[quoteeb157cb883="RocLaFamilia"]how do u kno if u are guna be in the first or second batch of 360's?[/quoteeb157cb883]

They have already cut off the first batch, so if you haven't ordered yet then you won't make it in the first one...if you have already ordered but aren't sure, I don't know, I guess you'll have to ask trainn.