Has anyone done the keen.com offer (psychics)?

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11-10-2005 03:47:42

Well....I did this offer on the 3rd, and have still not gotten credit for it. Also, when I did the offer I was a little bit confused because it says we have to "purchase a psychic reading", but gives us no option to do so....so I deposited $5 into the account there plus did the free psychic reading that they offer. Did I do the offer incorrectly?

If not....I'm gonna have to send in a support ticket. I've been having the worst luck lately on offers (


24-04-2006 06:34:11

well what happened?


24-04-2006 13:33:00

old ass post but maybe we will get a response or someone else that has done this offer, I want to try it but Im not sure how it works either. someone that has credit can post possibly better how to do it properly.


26-04-2006 11:41:56

I did this offer about 1 week ago and deposited one dollar into my account, but trainn has been very slow. I submitted a manual approval so I will see what happens. If I get approved, then that means only 1 dollar must be deposited. Neat psychic phonecall though even if it doesnt credit -P


01-05-2006 12:18:08

Any news on this?


17-05-2006 07:53:11

late update I was approved through manual credit. I deposited 1 dollar into my Keen account. this offer is legit!