Xbox 360 will that effect Trainn??

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10-10-2005 18:41:40

Hello! I was just wondering how the possible shortage of Xbox 360s at launch could effect Trainn's delivery of the Xbox 360s?? I will be in the second batch, but hopefully it will still only be a week after the first. Here's the link to the article in case you may not have heard about it


Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!


10-10-2005 19:11:02


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You believe a guy that looks like that? lol


10-10-2005 19:38:36

The first shipment is locked so there will not be any problems with that, but otherwise it's on a first come first serve basis. Having lived through so many of these expected "shortages" though, very few actually come to fruition.



10-10-2005 19:57:55

are the dilivery times fixed or not


10-10-2005 22:23:03

the initial shipment is already set, there will be a shortage for christmas, there always is a shortage when a new system launches, however stroes will get more and so will trainn, stop worrying, you will get it eventually, if you were worried then you should have gotten a gift card and pre-ordered the system.


10-10-2005 23:05:28

hopefully i will get mine when i finish the xbox site lol


11-10-2005 02:34:09

Heh you will. You seem to be on a roll lately )