What date are they up to on approval?

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10-10-2005 17:00:27

I'm waiting for approval on yourfreeflatscreen and wondering what date they are up to. There should be a sticky thread like this so there is one place to go to check...


10-10-2005 17:06:52

October 3rd


10-10-2005 17:11:43

THANKS! Where did you find this out?


10-10-2005 17:26:05

I am gonna have to say that they are on the 1st of October. Lately they have been about 10 days behind. So I would guess if you are waiting for an approval just add 10 days to the day you submitted for approval.


10-10-2005 17:53:44

They're up to 7 days behind now... just check active topics in this forum, they post how close they are often


10-10-2005 18:11:09

October 3rd currently and it will be up to October 5th soon.



10-10-2005 18:13:33

Hmmm based on that stat you guys are looking at a 5 day approval...maybe even 4 days


10-10-2005 22:21:22

pretty good, mine took 10 days.


11-10-2005 08:44:11

I requested approval on the 6th so I should be approved pretty soon D


11-10-2005 09:25:52

I think I requested approval on the 3rd.? Do you think I will get approved by the tuesday shipment? Paypal money sure would be nice. Thanks